India Investment Destination 5 Fundamental reasons why you must invest in India

India Investment: Here are the reasons
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India Investment Destination. Why Invest in India?
Economic Fundamentals are strong

The Fundamentals of the Indian economy are better than most other countries. The Modi Government has brought in fiscal discipline. Prudent Fiscal Policy, steady exchange rates and controlled inflation have been demonstrated. If you just take a step back and look at India you find more reasons to believe that the growth will be stronger over a long period.


India Investment Destination. Why Invest in India?
Domestic Consumption led recovery & Growth

Agriculture spending and private consumption will drive India’s economic growth. The stage is set for higher spending, especially in rural areas. La Nina event is reason to cheer that, 2016 monsoon forecast rainfall to be 106 per cent of long term average. This could provide a major boost to consumption, investment and GDP growth, says a Deutsche Bank report.


India Investment Destination. Why Invest in India?
Demography: Employable talent pool

India’s biggest strength in the coming years is going to be her demographic dividend. india investment employable labour India has the largest employable talent pool in the world. More than 50% of population is under 25 years. The median age in the country is around 26.7 years, which is lower than many countries in the world. One fifth of the working age population will be in India.

India’s workforce, gets trained across four levels, from the ‘White Collar’ workers to the ‘Rust Collar’ workers, linking them to job opportunities. The young population can be transformed into a productive workforce giving the Indian Economy a ‘Demographic Dividend’.


India Investment Destination. Why Invest in India?
Major Government initiatives

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Ease of Doing Business: In the past year, India eliminated the paid-in minimum capital requirement and streamlined the process for starting a business. More reforms are ongoing—in starting a business and other areas measured by Doing Business—though the full effects are yet to be felt.
Make in India :In just over a year, Make in India has been powered by an in-depth overhaul of processes, policies and collaborative effort, yielding significant results.
Start Up India: Start-Up India scheme, has given new entrepreneurs a chance at making it big. Under the scheme, entrepreneurs could get Fianacial assistance from banks to kick start their businesses.
Stand Up India Scheme Stand Up India Scheme will Benefit Aspiring Women and SC/ST Entrepreneurs
All these and other initiatives of the Government will create opportunities to growth.


India Investment Destination. Why Invest in India?
Digital India program

DIGITIZE INDIA PLATFORM (DIP) Transparency will improve. Information will be available online. DIP is an initiative of Government of India under Digital India program to digitize physical records and reduce piles of papers stored in record rooms or offices of Government, Government organizations and even non-Governmental private organizations. It allows organizations not only to free their warehousing real estate but enables them to keep their records longer and in safer environment